Live event Internet network planning can get quite complex. That’s why live event organizers often don’t know what their technology needs are. And they often don’t have a firm handle on what’s realistic or unrealistic with technology and aren’t fully informed on the associated cost structure of that technology.

That means you need more than just a vendor to cobble together your live event Internet and network infrastructure. The ideal solution? Someone you can rely on as your industry expert technology partner who will always act in your best interest with full transparency, especially when you’re running multiple or even a season full of events. You’ll assume a huge risk with a lot at stake when attempting to rely on an unknown vendor. You need a technology partner you can trust. That really begins with a competent partner who’s not afraid to clearly articulate unbiased views and opinions that will result in doing what’s right for your customers and your events.

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The following are just a few of the many benefits you’ll experience with a technology partnership:

  • You’ll always know that the services and solutions being provided are the right ones, keeping your budget in mind.
  • Live events take a tremendous amount of coordination due to all of the moving parts and pieces. A trusted technology partner like BSN at your side from the start will help to eliminate the stress you might experience in the later planning phases of your live event.
  • A technology partner truly understands the event as a whole and all of its intricacies, including business driving goals and what it takes to successfully architect and implement a flawless event Internet network. When you work with a technology partner, they can handle multiple complex tasks, will simply make everything work, and will ultimately provide tremendous peace of mind.
  • Establishing a technology partnership can result in more aggressive cost structures.


There are many ways in which a technology partner differs from an internet vendor, including:

  • A technology partner will not hesitate to answer all questions honestly, including how we source everything from Internet circuits to staffing. For instance, the three most common client questions BSN hears are, “Can this be done?”, “Can you do it?” and “What’s the cost?”; BSN will willingly and openly answer each of these questions. Full transparency and honesty are important hallmarks of a quality partner relationship.
  • A technology partner is brought into the live event planning conversations much earlier than a transactional vendor.
  • While a vendor might just fill a specific need at the last minute, a partner assesses live event needs early in the process. That can result in saving a lot of money and headaches up front by properly dissecting the customer requirements and recommending a buy of the proper technology at the most competitive rates.


One example that demonstrates the expertise and benefits of working with a technology partner is that of a live event client:

A potential festival client is planning to deploy Attendee WiFi for 20,000 users. The client believes that they require 5 Gbps of Internet transport, but brings on a technology partner to verify their live event needs. Through an initial assessment of the event, the technology partner defines the expected density based upon the festival footprint, the WiFi operational areas, the RF conditions and the available infrastructure to install devices. Moreover, the partner determines that 2.5Gbps is sufficient to meet the client’s event needs.  Ultimately this results in significant savings (thousands of dollars) depending on the event’s local carrier options.


With a 99% client retention rate, BSN clients view us as a technology partner and return to us again and again for their live event needs. They all share the same peace of mind knowing that as their next event approaches, BSN has them covered. Contact us today to learn more about how you can cultivate a technology partnership with BSN for your live event.